What is Vertibuild?

The Vertibuild Panelised Building System is inspired by European Technology and has been developed and produced by a builder with over 22 years experience in the building and construction industry.

Vertibuild panelised building systems is a more efficient building system in cost and time, than the traditional construction methods used in the domestic and commercial building industry.

Vertibuild is a construction method where full steel or timber framed internal and external walls of up to 3.0 metres high x 6.5 metres long, are manufactured at the Vertibuild plant.

Each wall has:

  • Windows and/or doors fitted
  • External cladding installed (almost unlimited choices) rendered and or painted
  • Insulation installed
  • Pre wired
  • Pre plumbed
  • Internal linings installed, set, sanded and sealed, ready for onsite painting
  • Architraves installed to all windows and doors where applicable
  • Wrapped for weather proofing prior to roof being clad

These walls are then transported to site where they are craned into position in much the same way as precast panels, fixed to the slab or floor system with a unique engineered tie down system. The walls also lock together with a unique engineered connection system. Where the walls form an external corner the walls are mitred, all other joints are butt type joints, to be set or sealed once the roof has been clad. Wall panels can also be fire rated for boundary walls, party walls and bushfire zones.

How is it Manufactured?

The Vertibuild Panelised Building System has many benefits over traditional building systems and other panelised systems where external and internal finishes, and the fitting and finishing of doors and windows still need to be carried out on site. See the Vertibuild presentations below for a visual description of the manufacturing and construction process.

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