Benefits of Vertibuild

Vertibuild has many benefits over traditional building systems and other panelised systems where external and internal finishes, and the fitting and finishing of doors and windows still need to be carried out on site.

Some of the immediate benefits include;

  • Less wastage, as off cuts can be stored and used on other projects
  • Waste material is confined to Plant and recycled where possible
  • Harvested rain water used for wet trades
  • Solar power used for recharging batteries of batter powered tools
  • Lower scaffold costs
  • Faster on site build, 80% of your house can be built before the slab or floor system is in place
  • Less on site manual handling
  • Factory controlled environment
  • Less on site storage of materials, meaning less risk of material being stolen from site
  • Quality control on all finishes
  • More efficient cost and time management due to no daily on site set up/pack down down times
  • Adverse weather down time is reduced
  • What can Vertibuild be used for?
  • New Homes – We will work with architects, builders, owners designs or our own designs
  • Knock Down Re-Builds – 80% of a new home can be built before demolition
  • Upper Floor Additions – Where a quick lock up is preferred
  • Classrooms – Where minimal disturbance is preferred
  • Garages – With or without internal linings, less on site disturbance
  • Granny Flats/ Dual Occupancies – Speed of build and less on site disturbance
  • Small Blocks – Less need for onsite storage of windows, cladding materials etc
  • Regional or Isolated Area Builds – Where there is a lack of building trades and materials


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